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About 110 manufacturers of domestic heating and cooking appliances are organized in the association of heating and cooking appliances of the HKI industrial association.

A membership in the HKI gives manufacturers access to individual advice on technical and economic issues.

The main activity of the association lies in the production and revision of standards on national and European level as a strategic tool of product development and quality management.

The HKI association of heating and cooking appliances cooperates with all relevant industry institutions on national and international level. The activities of CEFACD, the European association for manufacturers of domestic independent space heating and cooking appliances fuelled by coal, wood, gas or fuel oil are accompanied and coordinated by of the European-bureau of HKI in Brussels. This way the association is able to inform its members about statutory regulations on the German and European level and to participate actively in the political work.

Each special department of the association manages its own statistic which enables creating a market overview for the respective branch. This market overview is the basis for the economic and political dialogue and is accepted as an indicator for the development of the branch.

In the trade fair sector the HKI association supports the ISH, the German and world's leading trade fair for bathroom, building services, energy, air conditioning and renewable energies in Frankfurt, both in terms of content consultation and coordination of the exhibitors interests.

The represented product groups in the association of heating and cooking appliances are:

  • Fireplaces and roomheaters
  • Fireplace inserts
  • Heating inserts for tiled stoves
  • Stoves for gas, oil, coal and wood as energy source and also self-sufficient gas hobs
  • Ethanol appliances
  • Special appliances
  • Exhaust systems
  • Equipment, components and fuels for domestic heating and cooking appliances

The manufacturers of those product groups are organized in the following six sub-departments within the HKI association heating and cooking appliances:


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