Standardized communication interface for commercial kitchen equipment

The member companies of the HKI industrial association of House, Heating and Kitchen Technology e.V., supported by the OPC Foundation, have submitted a standard proposal which has been adopted in the DIN Standards Committee FNH Heating and Cooking Equipment as DIN/TS 18898 "Commercial Kitchen Equipment - Communication Interface for Commercial Kitchen Equipment - OPC Unified Architecture".

In the DIN/TS 18898, relevant device data for various groups of Commercial Kitchen Equipment are described in machine-readable and semantic form. For the following equipment groups, the device data has been defined:


The DIN/TS lays the foundation that device data, such as operating states, temperatures, times, etc., can be read out from the commercial kitchen equipment in a standardised way (independent of the manufacturer), so that this information can be used for higher-level IoT services, like

  • Documentation and archiving of HACCP relevant data
  • Monitoring and visualization of processes
  • Management and maintenance of device data
  • Transmission of error and alarm functions

The DIN/TS 18898 "Equipment for commercial kitchens - Communication interface for commercial kitchen equipment - OPC Unified Architecturwas published by Beuth Verlag in September 2021 and is available under the following link:

In addition to DIN/TS 18898, there is also an English Companion Specification: "OPC 30200 - OPC UA for Commercial Kitchen Equipment". This document is currently being revised.

The latest published version (Release 1.00) of the Companion Specification is available from the OPC Foundation at the following link:

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